Thursday, July 30, 2009

How to stencil a basketball court

Learn how to stencil a basketball court by viewing these step-by-step photos. Clcik the single arrow to scroll through on your own or the double arrow to autoplay all 17 photos.
Step-by-step photos

Friday, July 24, 2009

Order Individual Characters from

Now you can order individual character stencils in any quantity. Stencil Ease is now offering individual letter stencils or single number stencils on our new letter selector page. Individual stencil characters can be ordered from 4” high up to 108” high as a single unit. There are 5 plastic materials to choose from ranging from super durable 60 mil parking lot stencil plastic to 7.5 mil wall stenciling film. We will cut these letter stencils, number stencils, lower case stencils or punctuation stencils as separate pieces and ship them directly to you in a carton via UPS or USPS.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Basketball Court Stencil

Our Basketball Court Stencil is a NCAA college/highschool regulation court and the overall dimensions to the outside free-throw lines are 12 ft wide x 25 ft and 2 in (top of radius). All lines are 2 in. thick. The basic kit comes with 32 stencil pieces that lay out to make your basketball court (3 point line not included in the BASIC kit).

See Demonstration

The Stencil Ease basketball court is made from our thickest 60 mil, (1/16 in. thick), heavy-duty reusable plastic industrial
material. This is NOT made out of cardboard. This material
is designed to lay flat, not get blown around from wind gusts and is specifically used for marking
concrete, pavement or any surface. With these stencils and our over-spraybox (comes with kit), your basketball court will paint out with
crisp, clean lines every time. This court will last for years and can be used hundreds of time with little to no maintenance.

Don’t want the lines to have gaps or breaks? After you paint the court, simply slide the stencil into a different position over the lines you’ve already applied and spray.

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