Monday, September 9, 2013

Fuel Up to Play 60 Playground Stencils

Fuel Up To Play 60Fuel Up to Play 60 Stencils inspire kids to learn and move while creating games around the stencils.  Schools and organizations can beautify their spaces while encouraging physical activity, healthy eating and learning.  All stencils are made in the USA and come with easy to follow instructions for volunteers or hired crews. A portion of FUTP60 stencil sales go back to the GenYouth Foundation to fund physical activity and nutrition grants to schools.

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Dairy MAX, a local non-profit dairy council, expanded the Austin ISD and UT School of Public Health pilot, Active Play. The expansion utilized playground stencils to increase daily physical activity minutes and educate about nutrition through active learning. Students created over 250 games, which is the foundation of the project.  The Fuel up To Play District Wide Celebration featured speeches by TX Representative Mark Strama, USDA Undersecretary Kevin Concannon, Austin, TX Mayor Lee Leffingwell and two former NFL players, Denver Broncos’ Dan Neil and Minnesota Vikings’ Mike Rosenthal!

Research found that elementary school children spend more of their recess and activity time in active play when schoolyards are enhanced with playground markings. The Fuel Up to Play 60 Playground stencils started with Austin Independent School District in Austin, TX. PE In 2011, Supervisor Michele Rusnak worked with the University of Texas School of Public Health on a pilot called the Active Play Project. This school-based health promotion utilized playground stencils to encourage physical activity. The project also fulfills the CDC's National Coordinated School Health requirements: physical education, nutrition education and parent and community involvement. The playground stencils engage students both physically and academically as nutrition messages such as MyPlate, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, protein and low fat dairy will be integrated.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Match Game

The Match Game

 Stencil Ease has been in business for more than three decades. During that time it snagged a lion’s share of its targeted market, expanded product offerings and made a name for itself as a reliable, quality company.
But CEO Brian Greenho wanted more.
“We had an opportunity to expand our business and hire more people if we could participate in a matching-grant program,” explains Greenho.
So the company submitted an application to the state Department of Economic & Community Development’s Small Business Express Matching Grant Program. It was successful and as a consequence of that funding, Stencil Ease now has a larger workforce and “the latest and greatest” equipment — a state-of-the-art laser cutting machine — it needed to get to the next level. Read more... The Match Game

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Friday, November 9, 2012

Fall Designs by

New Decorative Stencils for this FALL SEASON!

Chevron Wall Painting Stencil

Monarch Filigree Wall Painting Stencil

Mod Link Wall Painting Stencil

Greek Key Wall Painting Stencil (Large)

Greek Key Wall Painting Stencil (Small)

Verona Tile Wall Painting Stencil

Hillsborough Damask Wall Painting Stencil

Arabesque Wall Painting Stencil

Hillsborough Damask Border Painting Stencil

Chestnut Hill Filigree Wall Painting Stencil

Westlake Forge Wall Painting Stencil

Friday, May 25, 2012

"The Power of Us" Brings Excellence to Austin Schools

What's happening in Austin Schools in 2011-2012? Superintendent Meria Carstarphen shares her insights about how "The Power of Us" is transforming education in Austin. This Power is the commitment of educators, parents, students, and the entire community to support quality teaching and learning and to achieve success for every student. It's shared accountability for our successes and challenges. Check back regularly for the latest news.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

May 03, 2012 -

“Build Strong Bones” “My Plate Food” and “Centipedes” would seem like classroom topics for most kids. Not if you are one of the many that attend the Austin Independent School District (AISD). These kids will soon get some serious play-time on their freshly stenciled playgrounds also known as the Active Play Project.

Dairy MAX and Fuel Up to Play 60 awarded AISD a district-wide grant to implement physical activity playground stencils in all 80 elementary schools. Fuel Up to Play 60 is a partnership between the NFL and the Dairy Council. The in-school nutrition and physical activity program supports innovative ideas like AISD’s Active Play Project. The Active Play Project began as a pilot in AISD and research showed it increased students’ physical activity minutes per day. AISD contracted Stencil Ease to produce the custom set of playground stencils to increase physical activity during the school day while educating students in a fun way about nutrition.
Stenciling skeletons, food images and creatures onto blacktop playground games such as hopscotch, jump rope and twister are just a few of the enhancements these playgrounds will offer. The program emphasizes locomotor skills, active play, awareness of the body and the importance of EXERCISE!

AISD chose as the supplier for each playground stencil kit. The design staff at worked closely with all groups to advise, engineer and manufacture a complete set of custom playground stencils for this initiative. The stencils will be painted on the playgrounds by PTO volunteers, teachers, community volunteers, students and AISD staff. has been manufacturing stencils for over 30 years and currently produces over 30,000 items. All of the stencils can be customized and cut on a variety of plastic materials for any painting application.

For more information visit, email:  or call 860-395-0150. For information about Fuel Up to Play 60 go to

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

SSO2090 Birds in a Thicket Wall and Floor Stencil

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