Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Marsh Grass Camo Stencils

Marsh Grass Camo Stencil Kit

The marsh grass camo stencil kit includes everything needed to camouflage stencil a duck boat, blind, truck, burlap sheet, wood, stool or other material.

The kit includes 5 different sizes and styles of marsh grass to fit most panels, seats, sides and transoms of a boat or truck. These include:

1)17" high x 11" wide sheet

2)17" high x 14" wide sheet

3)17" high x 5" wide sheet

4)17" high x 7" wide sheet

5)14" high x 36" wide sheet

All stencils can be used alone or in combination to vary the grass sizes and repeats; or create a uniform look.

Depending on your application, we suggest you strongly consider the adhesive-backed material. This durable adhesive-backed plastic stencil can be reused many times and is ideal for firmly sticking the stencil to boats and other uneven surfaces. We also suggest you use 2” painters tape around the edge of the stencil to minimize overspray.

Compare our price! Cabelas sells one sheet of 11”x17” plastic (not even adhesive backed) for $19.99 or a 24”x36” piece for $69.99.

Mack’s Praire Wing sells one sheet of 12”x20” plastic for $29.99.

Our marsh grass 5-piece kit sells for $46.00 to $59.80. (order 2 or other camo patterns to get free shipping at $99.)

Choose from any of our durable reusable plastics. 7.5 mil, 10 mil, 14 mil or adhesive backed 7.5 mil.

Stencil Ease manufactures the camo stencil and ships to you in 1-2 days. If you need larger pieces just email us with your requested size and we will email within 24 - 48 hours with a price. Click here for more camo patterns

Below is a quick slide show with step by step photos of a duck boat being stenciled with the marsh grass camo stencil kit.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Deep Woods Camo Stencil

Deep Woods Camouflage Stencil

You can use this large-format Camo stencil for creating patterns on trucks, boats, wood surfaces, duck blinds, deer blinds, walls, floors and fabrics. The paint can be applied through the stencil with camo spray paint (available at most hardware stores) or liquid paints using our high density foam rollers. Boats should be painted with specialty marine camo paints (such as Pettit Z*Spar) while walls can be painted with interior paints. The camo stencil design repeats in all directions allowing you to customize any size project. Quickly and easily create a camouflaged surface with our camo stencils! You can place your order online right now or call us today - our operators are standing by at (800) 334-1776!

The basic kit contains: 2 - 19.5" x 19.5" Stencil Sheet
You can also order the stencil in a 40" x 40" size (comes with two 48"x48" sheets)- shown as Production Stencil 4 full repeats or 40" x 80" size (comes with two 48"x96" sheets) - shows as Production Stencil 8 full repeats.

If you are camo stenciling on an outdoor surface, you should not use acrylic paint.

We now have this stencil as a Production stencils with more 4 repeats on 1 stencil #SCM0006-4. The 4 repeat stencils are non-returnable and all sales are final.
Click here for more camo patterns
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